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How can we protect marble surfaces? Treatments and products to avoid stains and patches on natural stones.

Marbles, granites, quartzites are materials with different characteristics and so they must be worked and treated in different ways. Marble is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate and it is sensitive to acids. For this reason, it is necessary, to treat the marble surface in order to protect it.


For indoor use, the main risk is to stain the marble with substances such as wine or coffee, or to ruin it with drops of acidic substances such as lemon, or see spots appearing in wet areas.


For this reason, we always recommend treating the materials with water-repellent and stain-resistant products. These treatments can be neutral, not changing the natural colour of the stone, or they can be toning in order to accentuate the colour of the material (this one is often used in combination with opaque/matt finishes). Another category of treatments are those which give to the material a “wet effect”.  The application of the protection treatment is very simple: these liquid substances must be spread with a roller, a brush, or a rag, depending on the size of the treated surface. It is highly recommended to repeat every year the treatment on the marble surface once it is installed, especially if the stone is used for kitchen tops or dining tables.


For the outdoor use of the marble, the biggest threat is given by the infiltration of water. When the water penetrates inside the stone and it freezes, an internal pressure is created which can lead to the crush of the material. The presence of salts dissolved in water can also be a big threat for the stone.


For these reasons, outdoor marble must be treated with a water-repellent product that penetrates the material, consolidating the surface. It is also recommended, before the installation, to apply a protection against efflorescence on the back of the material, which prevents any impurities (salts, ferrous substances, etc.) rising from the screed towards the surface in this way avoiding the formation of stains and water marks.


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