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Room 1844, Marmo Elite part of the italian neo-renaissance in Dubai

An Italian neo-Renaissance masterpiece in Dubai. Marmo Elite contributed to its realization, creating a project of extreme quality and extraordinary aesthetic value. We’ll tell you about it. 


Towards a new definition of art 

On the occasion of EXPO 2021, the artist Gio Bressana and the architect Enrico Valentino inaugurated Room 1844 in the heart of the prestigious Dubai Design District. An Italian exclusive Art Maison realized in a neo-Renaissance style to experiment a new concept of experiential luxury, as a mixture of art, design and architecture. 

Enrico Valentino describes the real essence of the project as “a tailor-made hub for living; the first Capsule that combines fashion, art and architecture, where architecture is the space that art decorates and design furnishes. A true art without equal and therefore of immeasurable value”. 


True luxury becomes material research 

Inspired by the secret room of Buckingham Palace, Room 1844 is one of the most exclusive places in the world. It goes beyond the concept of showroom, and it shows beauty in an absolute sense, transforming the living concept into a pure and unreproducible art experience. 

Every room of the Maison is unique thanks to the extraordinary, preciousness and luxury customization of objects, coatings and other components – the result of continuous cultural, stylistic and material research. 

In this surreal architectural scenario, Marmo Elite left its unmistakable mark: the flooring of the rooms is made of rare and precious Onyx Verde Light, with assembled brass profiles. A project designed and created exclusively for Room 1844, in harmony with Gio Bressana’s intention to evoke “the infinite beauty of a world through its centuries” 


Precious stones and frescoes: masterpieces of light 

The delicate and unique shades of the green onyx had a fundamental role in recreating a pattern of infinite luminous variations in synergy with the artist’s frescoes, known for expressing their own personal vision of light. Bressana is the first world-famous Italian immersive artist: his paintings transform living spaces into enchanting and inimitable works of art.  

“We are in the aesthetic relativism, but also in the fastest time in history”, explain Valentino and Bressana; “[…] today the ephemeral is the one that has more value. Our proposal is original as it is founded on the research of a new standard of beauty, but for a limited temporal dimension. The new trend is not about a palace that lasts a thousand years, but it is about the beauty concentrated in an atom of creativity, capable of exploding in the five dimensions of life, length, width, depth, time and speed “. 

As beauty hunters we wanted to fully embrace the project of Room 1844, by combining the art of the earth with the art of the soul, to offer our contribution to universal beauty with the only and incredible power of matter and nature 

Moreover, this space will become the new milestone of the collaboration between Marmo Elite and Room 1844, because it will host our first showroom in Dubai. As in Domegliara, the Italian frescoes will meet the beauty of natural stones in the flooring and in the selected samples to perfectly meet the artistic taste of local designers. 


Info & Booking  

Room1844 FZ LLC 

Building 8 Unit 104 

Dubai Design District 


Telephone number for reservation and info: Simonne Chevalier Creative Director +971583045870 

Simone Giaretta:

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