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Slab testing goes way beyond the look

The beauty of natural stones is that they are unpredictable. The skill of those who select them, in fact, reaches the maximum to foresee the interweaving of veins, but only once it is cut that it really shows itself in all its uniqueness.

No slab is the same for us and also for those who choose them for their projects. The inspection report is a method that helps you to be sure of the material you “take home”. It is also true that not everyone does it in the same way. For example, not everyone uses high-definition photos of the slabs. A simple Reflex is not enough to capture every detail of the slab, the light it emanates, the real colours.

Nowadays, the visits to the showrooms are almost unique occasions, everything is done remotely. But in Marmo Elite we have already made a choice, the choice of providing our customers with the most realistic and accurate images, as if they were here with us.

In order to do this, we have combined the experience that distinguishes us with the application of the best existing technologies to create very high-definition photos.

HD-scannder and experience

At Marmo Elite we have two secrets. The first one is our inspector Sebastiano, called Seba. For years he has been checking every slab that passes through our showroom. He knows the materials, the details of each stone, the particularities to pay attention to. The second is the tool Seba uses to take our inspection process to the next level. We are the first in the industry to employ an HD Photo-Scanner capable of creating very high-definition photos of the slabs. The result can be seen at first glance: the colours and veins are of an astounding quality.

Automation metts manual care

The scanning process takes place in a fully automated way. The slabs are taken one by one by a robot, placed on a side-shifter and then slide inside the darkroom. Here, an ultra-high-definition capture system tunes to the slab’s colour scale and takes an extremely detailed and realistic photo.

At the same time, Seba performs the physical analysis of the slabs and fill out the first report which shows any irregularity, such as vents, cracks or resinated veins. The document is then integrated with the information provided automatically by our Foto-Scanner HD, such as commercial sizes, full stone sizes, weight and the maximum rectangle of the slab.

The safety of designing without thoughts

The information regarding slabs shown in our inspection report is much more than a commercial guarantee. It is the possibility of designing with the certainty that the product will be faithful to expectations. It also helps us to create more realistic renderings and to be able to study the cutting patterns even from a distance.

A statement that comes directly from our customers, like the one arrived from Moscow by Artem Dozorov:

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to Marmo Elite for the quality of service that my company gets from you. In each project that we work on we must have high-definition pictures of stones to make persuasive presentations and renders for our clients. Due to your new technology and using HD PHOTO—SCANNER we always have a perfect quality pictures of stones that you have on stock. More over the access to photos is very quick that makes our work with clients very comfortable and we no need to wait for a long time to get high quality pictures of slabs. Stay inspirational and contemporary company in our lovely stone industry!”

If you want to know how you too can enhance your design projects with marble, contact us and discover the power of our HD Photo Scanner.

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