At Marmo Elite, we have been selecting marbles, onyx, quartzites, semi-precious stones and other precious, rare and exclusive natural stones for you for more than 50 years.
Our privileged access to the best quarries and our design approach, which allows us to follow the raw material every step of the way, from extraction to final installation, help us to fulfill our mission: to seek out and bring to light the beauty that is inherently hidden in nature.


At Marmo Elite, loving nature extends beyond natural stone.
What we borrow, we give back, in a perpetual virtuous cycle of mutual exchange of beauty. This love has led us to install more than 100 photovoltaic panels on our showroom, to contribute to reforesting the Asiago Plateau and to invest in a project aimed at protecting bees.


Expertise, reliability and technology are the hallmarks of Marmo Elite.
Our team is made up of highly qualified people who know all the little secrets of the natural stones. Our clients choose us because of our punctuality and our vast experience. In order to meet all kinds of requests, we use the most modern and advanced machinery and technology.
This, combined with our listening skills, makes Marmo Elite the ideal partner for your needs.

Inspired by materials

White Onyx


The natural stone from which the white lion of our logo was born: the purest White Onyx is our specialty. It is as fascinating as the place it comes from, ancient Persia, or today’s Iran. Extremely precious, it was used for luxury items since ancient times.

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Blue Sodalite


Precious, rare, stupefying. The vibrant beauty of Blue Sodalite makes every room exciting. Thanks to the shallow chromatic mixes, sophisticated and intense, and the material’s resilience, this fine natural stone earned its place in luxury compositions.

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Pink Onyx

Elegance and femininity

Pink Onyx is one of the most popular types of onyx, thanks to its elegance and refinement. It is a natural stone that is often used to enhance luxurious interiors, such as bathrooms or special showrooms, and to create delicate and ethereal home accessories.

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Inspired by design