Exclusive Elegance

A deep understanding of our product, gained through 50 years of experience in our industry, the ability to recognize beauty, the innovative way to plan the tasks, the privileged access to the best caves around the world: thanks to these features Marmo Elite brings to Italy only premium raw material, like polychromatic marbles, pure onyxes of unique cuts and sizes, rare and preciuos stones like Blue Sodalite.


Inspired by colors










Inspired by materials

Blue Sodalite


Precious, rare, stupefying. The vibrant beauty of Blue Sodalite makes every room exciting. Thanks to the shallow chromatic mixes, sophisticated and intense, and the material’s resilience, this fine natural stone earned its place in luxury compositions.

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White Onyx


The natural stone from which the white lion of our logo was born: the purest White Onyx is our specialty. It is as fascinating as the place it comes from, ancient Persia, or today’s Iran. Extremely precious, it was used for luxury items since ancient times.

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