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Precious, rare, stupefying. The vibrant beauty of Blue Sodalite makes every room exciting. Thanks to the shallow chromatic mixes, sophisticated and intense, and the material’s resilience, this fine natural stone earned its place in luxury compositions.


Blue Sodalite is extracted mainly from the caves in Namibia, Bolivia and Brazil, which have different grades of purity:

Namibian Sodalite: characterized by a non-uniform blue surface, with black intrusions, yellow and white veins. The material doesn’t reach the highest levels of purity.

Bolivian Sodalite: characterized by a non-uniform blue surface, with black intrusions, yellow and white veins. The material doesn’t reach the maximum levels of purity.

Brazilian Sodalite: higher quality material (super-premium type) characterized by an intense and uniform blue, with rare veins. The scarcity of blocks makes it a very rare natural stone.

The Brazilian Blue Sodalite of the super-premium kind is the most prestigious natural stone comnercialized by Marmo Elite. Discovered thanks to the pioneering skills of Gianluca Budri, CEO of Marmo Elite, who made it world renowned, Blue Sodalite fascinated Architects, interior designers and marble workers all over the world, who choose it for high-profile and exclusive projects.


Thanks to Budri’s trading skills, who managed to create solid relationships, the Company has a privileged access to the cave in Brazil from which the rarest blocks of material are extracted.


Blue Sodalite from Brazil is a natural stone with superior technical features in terms of brilliance, uniformity and resilience.

The unmistakable blue of its surface, in its various shades from sky to cobalt blue, draws overwhelming vibrations so intense to reach the nuances of lapis lazuli. It may feature more light or intense parts, with some rare although well-defined  veins in white or pink, which intensify the color depth. Blocks of the highest quality are homogeneously blue, without any grey spots or stains to hinder the precious perfection of its emotional visual impact.

“There are three things I like: gold, marble, and purple. Magnificence, solidity and color.”
Théophile Gautier – writer, poet and journalist.


Blue Sodalite is a stone of mystic charm. In terms of energy, it fosters communication with oneself and with the exterior world, amplifying people’s intuitive skills. The aesthetic features of the mineral, beauty, rareness and resistance, seduced architects, designers and international planners, who choose it for exclusive projects like:


Yachts and Aircrafts

Prestigious locations or boutiques

Luxurious floorings

Swimming pools




Blue Sodalite is widely used even in wellness areas and business flooring due to its hardness, toughness and resilience comparable to those of granite.


Blue Sodalite, when worked open-book, allows for vibrant and suggestive geometries. It may be realized under these forms:




water-jet cut

Coupled with honeycomb textured aluminium and special high-density foams, it is used in naval and aerial furniture. When cut 4 mm thick, it may be combined with glass for a translucid effect.