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The lightweight marble is a solution that gives the possibility to use the most prestigious stones on surface that normally doesn’t support their weight, without damaging the marble structure.


We realise composite lightweight marble panels combining thin slabs of marble with lighter support panels. This support panels may be in aluminium honeycomb, in polypropylene or in high density polyurethane foams.

The honeycomb panels are made of aluminium cells contained between two external fibreglass or aluminium skins; for their characteristics of lightness, rigidity and resistance they are widespread in aeronautical and naval industry. The polypropylene panels have also a honeycomb structure and maintain the same characteristic of lightness, furthermore, they can be backlit. The polyurethane foams can have different density, they combine the lightness with the possibility of panels’ realization with elevate thickness on which can be made holes for inserting bushes, hinges and fixing systems.

For the realization of lightweight marble panels we combine one slab of marble (usually of 2 cm), with two light support panels, one for each side. The marble and the honeycomb are glued together with bicomponent epoxy glues that guarantee a perfect and homogeneous seal.


Once we have a sandwich panel made of marble and honeycomb, polypropylene or polyurethane foams, we divide it in two lightweight panels through a diamond wire cutting long the inner marble slab. The stone side of two panels obtained after this process are calibrated (if necessary) and in the end it’s applicated the required finish (polishing, sanding, brushing, etc).

Starting from a marble slab with 20 mm thickness, we are able to obtain two lightweight panels with minimum thickness of 8mm (3mm marble +5 honeycomb). The marble side can have the thickness of 3mm up to 7mm.

In order to understand the power of this product consider that the average weight of a marble slab with a thickness of 20 mm is about 58 kg per square meter while the average weight of a lightened slab is 16 kg per square meter. This is why we call it “lightweight marble”.


The lightweight marble is a solution which guarantee:

  • The possibility to utilize the stone in a context where weight is a determining factor
  • The slabs are flexible and particularly resistant
  • A faster installation thanks to the lightweight
  • The possibility to produce preassembled elements for a easier installation
  • For the expensive material, lower prices in correspondence with the covered surface.


Thanks to the lightweight, easiest installation and to the capacity of resistance and flexibility, the lightweight marble panels are particularly indicated for those environment where the weight reduction it’s a priority, capable to justify the complex processing investment:

  • in the aeronautical industry
  • in the naval sector (particularly in the interiors of yachts and cabins)
  • in the creation of tables, surfaces and doors for furniture
  • in the lining of doors, walls and inside elevators


Among the marble to whom we apply the lightweight technique, Sodalite benefits more for the reduction of price, since we are talking about prestigious and expensive material.

Starting from a slab with 20mm of thickness we are capable to obtain two panels of lightweight Sodalite and cover a double surface. Furthermore, in terms of costs, a panel of 2 cm lightweight sodalite costs from 30 to 40 % less than a standard 2cm slab of Sodalite.