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Elegant and refined, Pink Onyx enhances luxurious interiors and precious home accessories with its delicate nuances.


Pink Onyx is mainly extracted from quarries in the Middle East.

Afghanistan produces a variety of onyx that does not meet the highest standards of purity, with shades ranging from candy pink to deep pink and black and white veins.

The quarries of Iran, on the other hand, offer the finest blocks, free from veins and intrusions that alter their purity.

Marmo Elite is always in pursuit of the highest quality, which is why the slabs, obtained from carefully selected blocks, are natural and unaltered by the application of coloured resins.


Pink Onyx is a very delicate natural stone formed from coloured limestone sediments.
Depending on the quarry origin, Onyx can be a light pink with no veins, an intense pink with peachy highlights, or even a strong pink with white or black veins, making it particularly interesting for open paving.

“The sculptor does not try to translate his thoughts into marble: he thinks directly, as if everything were already made of marble, he thinks in marble”.
André Gide, french writer.


Pink Onyx, worked with a polished or matt finish, is a popular material and is used for

Interior wall and floor coverings

Bathroom vanity tops

Luxury shops and showrooms

Furnishing accessories


Among the special processes that can be applied to marble, Pink Onyx, when polished, can be backlit using LED lights to create dreamy and suggestive atmospheres.