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Backlighting is an employment of high impact of natural stones, which exploits the qualities of translucency and transparency (typical of onyx) to obtain remarkable scenographic effects thanks to the placement of lights on the back side of the material.


Marmo Elite’s technique to make backlit panels focuses on the selection and treatment of the best stones in order to guarantee the designer’s desired effect. Some materials, such as onyx and quartz are already backlit in nature others may become backlit thanks to the Marmo Elite’s system.

The marble slab is united with the glass or polypropylene panel, than the stone is calibrated up to 4 mm of thickness in order to have an open structure which allows the light to pass thru it. With this system we can obtain composite panels (stone and support) with overall thickness up to 8mm.


For the creation of the panels we pay attention to:

  • Choosing the material with optimal translucency
  • Studying the more appropriate size (also the thickness) in order to obtain a uniform enlightenment
  • Searching the more appropriate modality of diffusion of the light for the customer’s needs, thanks to the collaboration with enlightenment companies
  • Developing the best hanging system of backlit panel that doesn’t interfere with the desired light effect

We operate with the parameters that are offered by material, choosing the best solution in order to valorise the luxury environments in which they are mostly used. The integration with LED panels, the application of glass and plexi slabs or the use of external lights are all solutions, among which we choose, from time to time, the most suitable for the individual project.


Thanks to backlit, any stone covering it’s not just the main point of the environment in which is placed, but also the source of visual effects of high impact, capable to interact with the surrounded elements.


By virtue of special effects of the backlit, the use of marble and backlit onyxes is especially indicated for residential and public use, on vertical walls, floors and surface furniture.


Proprio in virtù della particolarità degli effetti della retroilluminazione, l’impiego di marmo e onici retroilluminati è specialmente indicato in interni di uso residenziale e pubblico, sia su pareti verticali, sia in pavimentazioni e superfici di arredi.