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Fascinating as the country it comes from, the ancient Persia, today’s Iran, White Onyx is an extremely precious natural stone, used in the centuries to assemble luxurious items. Its delicate energy has a soothing and balancing effect.


White Onyx is extracted mainly from the caves in Mexico, Turkey and Iran, to which different grades of purity are commonly associated:

Mexican White Onyx: this marble doesn’t reach the standard purity level due to yellow-golden ivory veins wrinkling the surface

Turkish White Onyx: the surface is surfed by yellow-golden veins, which downgrade its purity levels

Iranian White Onyx: the purest, highest quality available. The slab, finely textured and delicate, is pure white. Rare and light are the calcite veins, stripes or stains.


Marmo Elite deals only with the purest White Onyx, extracted from the Iranian mines, ancient Persia. The highest quality of this natural stone is also due to its homogeneous structure and the elegance of its chromatic texture. Thanks to the beauty hunter Gianluca Budri‘s commercial skills, the company has a privileged access to the best marble.


Its crystal-like structure makes this marble very delicate and fragile: because of this, often the slabs are processed through a special resin reinforcement, to eliminate micro-cracks and enhance its resilience.



White Onyx was very popular among ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. It was named after the Greek word “onux” which means “nail”. The legend has it that one day Cupid clipped the divine nails of Venus with an arrow head while she was sleeping, and the Parcae (the three daughters of Zeus who sew the fate of every man) transmuted them into stone, so that no part of the divine body could ever be destroyed.

Rare and precious, it is considered a staple for luxury since ancient times.

“Marble is like a man: before you start working on it, you have to know it inside out. Thus, if there are air bubble inside of you, I’m wasting my time here.”

Michelangelo Buonarroti


White Onyx is used for the finest finishing on:

Interior furniture

Special Workings

Carved floorings

if backlit from a LED base, it creates a magical atmosphere, with great and fascinating effects.


Among the various workings available for marble, White Onyx may only be treated for a bright finishing: this phase is accomplished through polishing tapes and a shaving treatment to grant it brilliance and a polished surface. According to contemporary trends, this stone is also siutable for backlightning.

The white lion, logo of Marmo Elite, comes from a huge block of White Onyx, discovered by the company CEO Gianluca Budri.