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New Four Seasons, a spectacular natural stone from the Far East


The selection of natural stones offered in our showroom has recently been enriched by the arrival of the New Four Seasons, a marble ready to become the material of choice for interiors of refined elegance. Let’s discover it together.

New Four Seasons features

New Four Seasons is a tribute to the myriad of hues the earth has to offer. Its name comes from a colorful breccia quarried in France, Les Quatre Saison Printemps or Four Seasons Spring, similar in composition and color but now difficult to find. 

Extracted from quarries in the Far East, the blocks of this precious natural stone come in iridescent shades that vary widely even within a single block, ranging from powdery pink to sage green, white, burgundy, or even purple.

New Four Seasons is often offered with a polished, honed or leather finish, and its sophisticated look has already won the favor of designers around the world who use it to create exclusive elements of interior design. Solid and durable, New Four Seasons finds its ideal application as a coating in kitchens, where materials resistant to stains and scratches are required, but also in living areas, for consoles or table tops.

The slabs we have brought to our showroom have already been selected for two prestigious residential projects, and a major furniture company is considering the possibility of including the material in its collection.

A new treasure discovered by our beauty hunters.

In our search for the New Four Seasons, we have once again gone beyond our limits. A search that began from afar, to select only the best that nature has to offer. The Far East, with its exotic landscapes and hospitality, has welcomed us and given us a new wonder of nature that we are happy to bring back to Italy and the world.

We have been able to witness the moment of extraction in the quarry, the same moment when the water flows over the stones, revealing their colors and veins in all their beauty. Then we have selected the best blocks to be transformed into splendid slabs, ready to decorate your homes with class.

Which variant of New Four Seasons do you like best? Let us know in the comments if this natural stone has won you over!

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