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Which marble to choose to decorate your home in the “Himalayan” style?

A new trend in interior design, favoring authentic and eco-friendly materials along with natural colors to make the interior of your home comfortable is very recent: this is the “Himalayan” style.

The elements and sources of inspiration for this new style range from Denmark to Mongolia and can be used in any room of the house.
Natural and authentic materials, such as untreated wool or cashmere fabrics, meet warm colors and bold textures that draw on a wide range of natural hues: from deep earthy browns to bright ice grays.

There are a lot of natural stones that can give this style an extra touch of uniqueness, let’s see them together.

Simple yet sophisticated tastes? Opt for Carrara White marble.

The white marble of Carrara has ancient origins. For a long time, this natural stone of iridescent white color with black and grey veins was considered the ultimate marble.

Throughout history, Carrara marble has been used for the creation of important architectural and sculptural works, as well as for the production of kitchen tools and utensils such as the mortar.

Nowadays it is used for flooring, stairs, countertops and cladding.

Looking for something a little more refined? Calacatta is for you.

A variant of the white Carrara marble, Calacatta, is quarried in the same area, but it has a warmer background, with ivory tones and veining that varies from gray to golden yellow.

Particularly relevant is Calacatta Oro, extracted from the Borghini quarry, which, with its golden veining, adds unexpected shades of beauty to spaces.

Do you have a preference for a wide range of colors? White Quartz can offer you that.

Quartz is a very durable natural stone. It can be used for kitchen countertops or bathroom backsplashes.

Among all the types of white quartz, at Marble Elite we prefer Crystal Quartzite in its different varieties, such as Cristallo Ametista, which has exceptional transparency and is characterized by amethyst-colored veins. Or Quarzite Cristallo Extra, which has no yellow or brown intrusion and has a cooler background, tending to ice white.

Marmo Elite’s favourite? The White Onyx.

The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used this most precious natural stone to create luxury items.

Its crystalline structure makes it very delicate. This is why it is used for fine finishes such as interior wall and floor coverings – including water-jet inlaid floors – and furniture accessories.

When it is worked with a glossy finish and backlit, it becomes even more striking and fascinating. 

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