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Backlit stones: curiosities, benefits and applications, inspirations.

Natural stones, already endowed with their own charm, can be further enhanced by using backlighting, a striking technique that exploits the natural translucent and transparent qualities of materials – especially onyx – to create striking scenic effects by placing light sources in the right places. Let’s take a look at how backlit panels are made, what their benefits and applications are, and some inspiring examples.

What does a backlit slab look like?

Some materials have the potential to be backlit in their natural state, such as onyx or some quartzites; others can be backlit thanks to the technique that we have personally developed, which focuses on the selection and treatment of the best stones to guarantee the effect desired by the customer.

The marble slab is combined with a panel of glass or polypropylene; it is then calibrated up to a thickness of 4 mm in order to obtain a structure that allows the light to pass through it more easily. With this process, it is possible to obtain panels with a total thickness of less than 1 cm.

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To make the panels, we first select materials with optimal translucency and study the most suitable dimensions for uniform illumination. Each material, in fact, has specific characteristics that have to be carefully analyzed and studied in order to bring out its full potential.

In order to satisfy the customer’s needs and to find the best solution, we work in collaboration with leading companies in the lighting industry and prepare panel anchoring systems that do not interfere with the desired lighting effects.

Benefits and applications of backlit marble.

Thanks to backlighting, any natural stone covering can be the focal point of its environment and the source of unprecedented visual effects that are sure to have a lasting impact. The uniqueness of the effects created makes the use of backlit stone suitable for luxury residential and public interiors, both on vertical walls and on floors or furniture surfaces.

Some inspirations from around the world: it’s “backlit mania”.

In a previous article (see: Marble takes over the Salone del Mobile 2023) we have already told you about Dolcefarniente DFN’s Eternal Collection, in which the porosity of travertine is cleverly exploited to create elements of great scenic value.

image credits: Cucine d’Italia

The Pietre Chiaroscure collection, created by Lithos Design and designed by Raffaello Galiotto, is a collection of modular, three-dimensional stone coverings with backlighting, where light becomes design and creates fascinating decorative effects.

image credits: Lithos Design

Of great scenic effect was the use of several backlit White Onyx panels to decorate and make memorable the main bar of the Mykonos Restaurant in the Cayman Islands. A prestigious project in which Marmo Elite participated by supplying all the onyx and marble elements.

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