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10 Italian marbles + 1 and how to use them in interior design

Marble is one of the most popular materials in the field of design and architecture and has always been used by man to build, embellish and create art. As in so many other fields, our country stands out in the field of natural stone. This is due to the great variety of marbles offered from the north to the south of the peninsula. Let’s have a look together at the 10 + 1 Italian marbles in our showroom and find out how to use them best.

1. Calacatta Borghini

Calacatta Borghini is the famous marble with a white background and golden veins, extracted from the quarries of Carrara and used both in the construction of residential buildings and in the production of design objects. It is an exquisite and precious material that is perfect for the most elegant interiors.

2. Giallo Siena

Giallo Siena is a marble quarried in the hills of Siena, used since ancient times for flooring, cladding, decorations and mosaics. Today it is still sought after for creating fine projects. The heterogeneity of the material means that even within the same block there are slabs that differ in color distribution and veining, so each slab can be considered unique.

3. Arabescato Orobico Grigio

Arabescato Orobico is a marble quarried in the Val Brembana area of Bergamo, whose basic color is gray with gray veins, sometimes with pink and golden tones.

Thanks to its ease of installation, Arabescato Orobico is suitable for any type of use: wall or floor covering, interior or exterior cladding, to the point of being chosen by architects and designers to create furnishing elements such as fireplaces, columns, window sills, bathroom and kitchen tops, balls, vases and bathtubs.

4. Fior di Bosco

Fior di Bosco, native to the Lower Tuscany region, is an elegant marble with a gray background that is crossed by grayish-white and brown veins. Its muted color and delicate texture make it ideal for elegant floor and wall coverings, decorative household items, and luxury kitchen and bathroom countertops.

5. Bianco Lasa Covelano

Bianco Lasa Covelano is a fine marble from the Vinschgau Alps in South Tyrol. It can occur with a black veined white background with very faint shades of grey or with a golden veined white background.

Homogeneous and compact, this marble is widely used with a polished finish for refined and elegant projects such as kitchen and living room furniture, flooring, stairs, cladding, fireplaces, sculptures, fountains, monuments, funerary art, ornamental works and giftware.

6. Bardiglio

Bardiglio is a marble quarried in the Apuan Alps. It is compact, durable, medium-hard and easy to work, characterized by a grey background with white or black veins that give movement to the surface. It is mainly used for the covering of walls and for flooring.

7. Calacatta Vagli

Elegant and versatile, Calacatta Vagli is a fine marble quarried in the Apuan Basin of Tuscany. Its color is white, with fine veins and oval shapes that range from a light gray to a golden color with amber tones.

It is particularly suitable for home interiors, flooring, and bathroom and living room furnishings, but its color and texture make it suitable for commercial interiors as well.

8. Nero Portoro

From Portovenere, the bay of the poets of Liguria, comes Nero Portoro, a marble with a deep, bright black color and golden veins that range from a pure yellow to a honey color. Portoro is a unique marble due to its distinctive color characteristics, its technical properties and its preciousness due to its limited availability. It is used by the most famous designers to create elegant and original interiors for luxury yachts, private homes and commercial buildings.

9. Diaspro Rosso

Diaspro Rosso, also known as Breccia Pontificia, is a highly prized Italian marble of Sicilian origin, the king of red marbles, used for centuries in royal and religious palaces, with intense colors ranging from red to orange to beige to white. Unique in book-matched applications, it is a favorite of architects and designers to create environments with strong character that make color their strong point.

10. Rosso Levanto

Rosso Levanto is a marble extracted in the western part of Liguria, mainly in the municipality of Levanto, from which it takes its name, and in nearby municipalities on the La Spezia Riviera. Characterized by a reddish-violet background with a dense network of bright white veins, it was already used by the Romans for the production of columns, floors and coverings. It is excellent for embellishing outdoor areas such as parks and gardens. It is also used for flooring, thresholds, columns and stairs, as well as for elements of bathroom furnishings.

11. Bianco Carrara

The quintessential marble, a great timeless classic, with a color that ranges from white to grayish and gray veins: Bianco Carrara, from the Tuscan quarries of the Apuan Alps, has always been a material of choice for architecture and art. Today it is used for flooring, stairs, countertops, wall coverings, funerary art and storing food.

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