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Marble and wood, the winning pair in interior design

Marble and wood are certainly the first materials that come to mind when thinking about the most versatile materials for interior design, and although they have very different textures and characteristics, together they can create elegant and surprising environments. In fact, the art of mixing different elements and materials has always been a widespread technique in interior design.

Marble, with its refined and sophisticated appearance, lends itself to countless uses and interpretations. The wide range of colours available and the peculiarity of its veining are the two characteristics that make it so easy to appreciate and to use in the most varied of contexts.

Wood, like marble, is a natural material that certainly stands out for being warmer and more comfortable, and is equally capable of bringing elegance to the interior of any home.

Let us look at some examples of how marble and wood can coexist in your home.

1. In the kitchen

In kitchens, where minimalism reigns supreme and contrasts of light and shade add character and depth, marble and wood work perfectly together to create a functional, warm and elegant ambience. We particularly like white bright marbles with dramatic veining, such as Calacatta or Arabescato Corchia, paired with dark woods, which bring out the beauty and uniqueness of natural stone.

2. In the living room

The living room is the comfortable and relaxing heart of the home. It is the perfect place to play and be daring with bold combinations of marble and wood, always maintaining a clean and balanced style. Marble walls and wooden floors (or vice versa), an imposing marble fireplace contrasting with parquet flooring, or even a coffee table in Travertine, Taj Mahal or Nero Marquinia, set in a relaxing frame of light wooden furniture and wall panels: these are just some of the possibilities offered by a room in which the key word to follow when furnishing is always and only “complex simplicity”.

3. In the bathroom

Another room easily enhanced by combining marble and wood is certainly the bathroom, where a sense of cleanliness and refinement is sought as well as a comfortable, relaxing and aesthetically pleasing ambience. The combination of a light marble top with contrasting wooden furniture is very popular. However, to add a touch of luxury, marble and wood can also be used on other surfaces, such as floors (for both materials) or the bathtub and shower, which are refined and striking when made of marble.

4. In the bedroom

Credits: GAF Design Studio / Marmo Elite

In the bedroom, marble and wood can be used as decorative elements, either by placing them in the bed headboard or using accessories such as columns, vases or similar. The combination in this room is less conventional, but even here the two materials can blend with class.

5. In the floors

Finally, the combination of marble and wood is at its best in floor design. Green light for creativity, only limited by the space available. In this way, the floor becomes an interweaving of shapes and colours, a dominant element in the scene, which interacts with the furniture and enhances it.

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