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Marmo Elite wins recognition at Marmomac’s Best Communicator Award

Best Communicator Award 2023

Marmomac 2023 has given us a lot of satisfaction. But we are even happier to have won the prestigious Best Communicator Award.

This award has long been given to the best exhibitors who, through their participation, always add an element of novelty to the exhibition.
This year, the Best Communicator Awards had two categories, ‘Concept’ and ‘Design’, covering all the product areas highlighted by the exhibition.
The ‘Design’ category rewarded exhibitions focusing on design aspects and installations with strong visual impact in large or small spaces, where aesthetic interpretations position products in original ways. The ‘Concept’ category, on the other hand, evaluated original and unusual product presentations, rewarding the ‘architecture of the exhibition’, i.e. all layout features that convey a clear and narrative company message.

The work done by our team could not be summed up in any of these categories. That’s why we received a special mention: In the Best Communicator Awards, Marmo Elite was recognised by the students of the Istituto Universitario Salesiano Venezia (IUSVE) as an Upcoming Exhibition Design Professional for “the effective use of the container, which is transformed from a technical element into a decontextualised protagonist of the exhibition space. The coherence between the company’s claim and the beauty of the material is well defined, both visually and emotionally. The strong visual identity is present in all digital and print media, reinforcing communication on social channels“.

This is a result that fills us with pride. We have demonstrated our ability to inspire young people – and most likely future operators in our sector – just as marble has always inspired us to give our best.

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