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Marmomac is like a big party for everyone involved in the stone industry: intense days of exhibiting, networking, and meeting new and old friends.
This year we wanted to make it even more memorable. That’s why we decided to organize an event open to everyone: PRISMA.
Surrounded by the picturesque setting of our precious materials, customers and visitors to the fair were able to share with us a happy and carefree time of good food, good drink and good company.



After years of suspension due to the pandemic, we were determined to propose an event that would leave its mark, starting with the name. It was important for us to find a word that was able to do that, while also evoking the atmosphere of the evening and our core values:

  • Innovation: we wanted to offer a different and attractive experience, a reflection of our ability to design new and cutting-edge solutions;
  • Solidity: we chose a geometric figure that symbolizes solidity, the same solidity that we can offer thanks to our experience and our materials;
  • Elegance: we recreated a less industrial, more elegant context in our showroom, enhancing the class of our best materials;
  • Variety: we have chosen to be a company with an international character, able to unite a multitude of places, cultures and natural stones.

The light show and natural stones

The highlight of the event was a show that was a combination of music, lighting and storytelling. The show, which was repeated several times during the evening, allowed us to put our skills as Beauty Hunters at the center of the story, but more importantly, to give the right accent to a selection of materials in our showroom through a real, step-by-step journey:

  • Blue Sodalite, the undisputed queen of our natural stone selection, was discovered thanks to the pioneering talent of our CEO Gianluca Budri, who made it internationally known;
  • White Onyx, an extremely precious stone that has always been the basis for the creation of luxury items. It is the stone from which the White Lion has appeared to us in all its beauty and pride, a symbol that we have also chosen to use in our logo;
  • Pink Onyx, whose elegance and refinement make it one of the most popular onyx stones. It is one of our most popular materials for the enhancement of luxurious interiors and for the creation of delicate and ethereally beautiful home accessories;
  • Explosion Blue, a distinctive blue quartzite with blue-gray hues and fine white and gold veins. It is an extremely contemporary natural stone that can add character and uniqueness to any interior;
  • Rainbow Onyx, a unique and dramatic material famous for its spectacular colors ranging from white to orange, red to green and even black. It is the perfect onyx for strong and outgoing personalities;
  • Patagonia Green, a fascinating, eye-catching, and exciting quartzite characterized by pure white crystal veins; the ideal choice for bringing to life special design projects in which striking geometric compositions are the dominant feature.

Guaranteed fun

Every aspect of the event was chosen with great care.

Drinks were created ad hoc to delight the palate and eye with sophisticated colors and flavors. To create an even more engaging experience, each drink was chromatically associated with one of the materials we were presenting to our guests.

Sodalite Blue became a cocktail made of rum, fresh lime juice, blue curaçao and a lime zest garnish; Explosion Blue became a drink made of gin, lemon juice, blue curaçao, sugar and soda with a lemon zest garnish; the White Onyx became our own version of a gin tonic with a lime zest garnish; Patagonia Green sought out special flavors, combining vodka and basil syrup with sugar, lemon juice and soda rim, all garnished with a basil tuft; Pink Onyx was a cocktail made with tequila, fresh lime juice and grapefruit soda, garnished with a lemon wedge. Finally, the Rainbow Onyx fused the flavors of bourbon, lemon juice and barley water with those of egg white and angostura, all topped with a marble-effect garnish.

The aperitif and the main courses were served as a side dish, a delicate and tasty sensory experience of high quality, together with the music that was able to build a bridge between different cultures.

The location of the event was also presented in a new light: the showroom and the jungle area became the perfect theater for a dynamic and overwhelming party.

A lasting memory from 2023

Finally, to create a lasting memory of the experience, we set up a photo booth area. It was customized with colored neon lights that echoed the beams of light reflected from the prism and the elements of the special light show.

See you at the next party, see you at the next Marmomac!

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